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Problem, Solution, Success!

The food industry is a diverse industry. Each plant has its own processes, its own problems, and its own personality. That means our solutions must be as diverse as the industry we serve. These case studies focus on our many solutions and the successful implementation of those solution.  

High-Volume Pork Processing

Triumph Foods – St. Joseph, Missouri

Prestage Foods of Iowa – Eagle Grove, IA

The Challenge:

Prestage Foods of Iowa recently built a brand new $325 million facility. Even though the plant was new, it still lacked adequate space for the case labelling lines. Their mezzanine has three case labelling lines and each line has approximately 20’ available for Carlisle Technology to weigh, label, and sort incoming cases of product. This project had three key challenges:

  1. Prestage Foods of Iowa had the goal of labelling up to 32 cases per minute on each line
  2. Space between lines was limited; preventing the plant from being able to use a spare print and apply system if their main applicator went down for low labels or maintenance
  3. There is no surge conveyor to handle incoming product if a print and apply system goes offline

Turkey Processing

Prestage Foods, Inc. – St. Pauls, North Carolina

The Challenge:

Prestage Foods was using an older plant-floor data collection and warehouse management system that was heavily customized to Prestage’s processes. While that system had served the plant’s needs, it was outdated, no longer supported, and did not have a path for upgrading.

Family-owned Abattoir and Meat Processing Plants

True and Essential Meats – Harrisonburg, VA

The Challenge:

T&E Meats approached Carlisle Technology because their farmer-partners were struggling with two basic problems:

  • lack of up-to-date labeling with traceability technology
  • low-profit margins combined with lack of knowledge regarding production efficiencies

The goal of the project was to improve T&E Meats’ ability to give their customers access to modern traceability technology and accurate yield reporting.

Townsend Butchers – Simcoe, Ontario

The Challenge:

Townsend Butchers was looking for a full end-to-end food traceability solution. This fully integrated software and hardware solution needed to manage their entire process, from live animal receiving to full finished goods production, and inventory management.

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